Australian manufactured Slurry-Tuff, hand built mining and material handling hose using a wide range of elastomeric materials, reinforcing, flanges and end connections to customers’ specifications. Mining and material handling hose provides flexibility of plant layout and long service life in mineral processing operations. Slurry-Tuff hose is made to withstand the toughest applications and operating environments.


  • Inside diameter from 25mm to 750mm
  • Lengths up to 10m
  • Working pressures up to 3500 kPa


  • Beaded Ends – The most popular flanged coupling which provide extremely strong connections, with the benefit of being able to rotate the flange or hose. They are easy to fit, and the ability to easily rotate the hose subject to wear characteristics makes these couplings as standard (except in chemical service).
  • Flanged Nipples – Built in steel nipples with fixed or floating flanges when higher pressures or end pull is likely.
  • Integral Rubber Flanged – The flange is fully bonded to the reinforcing material and is fixed. Used in chemical environments and if required the backing flange can be coated as well.
  • Muff Couplings – Used on material handling hose which is wire reinforced and has plain cut ends. The aluminium muff coupling is simply bolted on.


The benefits of a custom built mining and material handling hose is having the ability to select the liner type, colour, hardness and thickness.

Upwey Valve & Engineering is able to offer liners in a variety of compounds, as well as an outer protective cover.

  • Natural Rubber (Slurry-Tuff 40)
  • Natural Rubber (Slurry-Tuff 60)
  • Neoprene (Slurry-Tuff PC)
  • Nitrile (Slurry-Tuff NBR)
  • Bromobutyl (Slurry-Tuff BR)
  • FDA and potable water compounds
  • Polyurethane (Rubberthane)
  • Ceramic (refer to Ceramoflex data sheet)


  • Hydro-transport of matrix or slurry from the pit or face of the mine to the plant
  • Suction and discharge of pit pumps, booster pumps, in-plant pumps and tailings pumps
  • Dredging for sand & gravel mines and off-shore reclaim
  • Slurry underflow chutes
  • Buffering pump vibration and noise usually experienced with metal or plastic pipe
  • Minimize the impact from thermal or terrain expansion in rigid piping runs
  • Simplify complex metal piping runs
  • Reduce number of fittings with one reducing style hose
  • Eliminate cracked pump discharge flanges from rigid pipe induced stress




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