Knife Gate Valves

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Knife gate valves are valves that are used to control the flow of liquids and gases. They are also referred to as knife-edge gate valves, gate valves, or pressure relief valves. Knife gate valves are used in many industries for various applications.

A knife gate valve has a cylindrical body with one or more openings on each end. The openings have blades that close when pressure pushes them together, but they open when pressure is released. A blade is a flat piece of metal that moves away from the center of the cylinder when it opens and toward the center when it closes.

The blades look like knives because they are made of steel and the opening resembles a knife’s edge. This design allows for quick closure and smooth operation.

There are three types of knife gate valves: balanced, unbalanced and balanced/unbalanced (BUB). Balanced/unbalanced (BUB) type has both balanced and unbalanced pressure springs within its design to provide maximum flexibility in performance under various pressures and flow rates.



DESIGN FEATURES  series 762 knife valve

Series 762 is a bidirectional heavy duty slurry valve, designed for demanding high pressure slurry applications. Twin elastomer seats and push-through gate design facilitate self-cleaning and prevent media
build up. The durable ductile iron body is offered in a two-piece bolted flange style. When fully open, the valve is full bore, offering no resistance to line media.

1 Upper and lower protective stem cover is standard in all models, increasing cycle life in hazardous environments.

2 Fully encapsulated J-ring providing sleeve reinforcement and memory assist, guaranteeing bidirectional zero leakage performance.

3 In the open position, the energized sleeves shield all metal components from direct contact with the flowing process media.

4 Gate available in a wide range of corrosion resistant alloys to suit the pressure rating and application.

5 The design provides unobstructed flow path, extending sleeve life and minimizing pressure drop across valve.

6 Flanged two-piece bolted body allows for easy maintenance and is drilled and tapped to country standards.

7 Optional bottom flush plate with tapped ports, allows for safe discharge of media and easy flush water connection.

8 Seat retainers are standard on all sizes and are provided to ensure proper and uniform compression is maintained on the seats.



  • Primary Milling
  • Process Pumps
  • Primary Cyclone Power
  • Secondary Cyclone Pulp & Paper
  • Flotation Cell Alumina
  • Thickener Chemical
  • Filter Pump Cement


  • Autoclave Application
  • Power
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Alumina
  • Chemical
  • Cement


DESIGN FEATURES  :  SLURRY GATE VALVES            knife valve

Engineered for bidirectional on/off service and isolation of clean, dirty, corrosive, or viscous media.

1 Topworks designed for easy, quick conversion between manual and pneumatic actuation. Manual valves include a lubricant injection port for continuous, smooth operation with minimal maintenance.

2 Clevis design and horizontal bolting stabilizes gate ensuring proper alignment.

3 Standard multi-layer square packing provides exceptional gland sealing.

4 Optional energized quad seal packing for enhanced gland sealing.

5 Chest liner for sizes up to 12″ and PTFE anti- extrusion ring for sizes 14″ and up.

6 Unrestricted flow path with minimal pressure drop achieved through full port valve design.

7 Gate design ensures consistent alignment throughout the length of the stroke.

8 Mechanically retained steel reinforced elastomer seat ensures bidirectional zero leakage shutoff.

9 Cast yoke superstructure ensures robustness in valve design for different operators/orientation.



  • Bleach Stock
  • Brown Stock Washers | Pump Isolation
  • Evaporators | Black Liquor
  • Paper Stock


  • Pneumatic Conveyance
  • Raw & Treated Water
  • Water Conveyed Solids


  • Fly Ash Pneumatic Conveyance Crossover Valve
  • RAS Return Activated Sludge
  • Pump & Equipment Isolation


  • Process Fluids
  • Pump & tank Isolation


  • Syrup Lines

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