Slurry Valves

slurry tuffBray manufactures a wide range of slurry valves to service severe environments within the mining, power generation and waste water industries to name a few.

UVE’s range of SLURRYTUFF™ valves include the EZI-VAC Air release/vacuum break slurry valve mainly used for exhausting or venting air in pipelines. The MAXI-CHECK H High wear ball check slurry valve is specifically designed for high wear applications such as slurry, ash disposal and mine-dewatering. The MAXI-CHECK I slurry valve is a dual function ball check isolation valve which is also designed specifically for high wear applications such as slurry, ash disposal and mine dewatering. Our third ball check valve is the MAXI CHECK L Low wear ball check valve. This valve is specifically designed for low abrasion applications that include pulp and paper, waterlines, mineral process plant water etc. Bray& Engineering’s range also include the PENTA-WEDGE Slurry gate valve which is designed specifically for heavy duty applications being slurries, ash disposal, abrasive media and any application where heavy scale build-up is prominent. The TISO-CHECK Automatic changeover ball check slurry valve is popular in mineral processing cyclone circuits.

Today SLURRYTUFF™ valves are globally recognised as providing the highest level of quality and reliability, the lowest cost of ownership and the greatest return on investment.


The success of SLURRYTUFF™ valves essentially flows from UVE’s unwavering focus on three core differentiators:

  • Innovative design and engineering
  • Excellence in manufacturing and
  • Outstanding customer service

When you invest in a SLURRYTUFF™ valve from UVE we promise:

  • SERVICE: At the highest level
  • QUALITY: Guarantees of the highest quality engineering
  • GROWTH: Long term relationships with our customers
  • INNOVATION: We continually develop new and more reliable products as well as improve our manufacturing methods and approaches

Slurry ValvesFrom mining and mineral processing, slurry and tailings transport, mine dewatering, power generation and cement plants, SLURRYTUFF™ valves excel in some of the toughest environments imaginable.

Quality is our priority when it comes to the design and manufacturing of our slurry valves. With manufacturing facilities in Australia and America, Bray& Engineering is ISO 9001 certified and employ rigorous quality management systems. More importantly our quality starts with superior design, internal teamwork and a work culture that enables continuous improvement.

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Bray specializes in slurry, tailings and dewatering valves

Bray is the manufacture of the Slurry Tuff range of products that are designed for many arduous applications. We can help with your abrasive, erosive, high pressure and corrosive applications. Bray services the mining, wastewater, pulp and power generation industries to name a few.