Segmented Ball Valve

SlurryTuff™ – Solving your flow control challenges with segmented Ball Valve Design.

segmented ball valve

Superior Control

Segmented ball valves are designed for modulating
control and on-off services in gas, liquid, and slurry applications.
The Bray Series 19 and Series 19L segmented ball valves deliver
exceptional performance with the precision, features, and
options for superior control in a wide variety of industries
and applications

Custom Characterisation

With 300:1 rangeability, three standard port options, and
available customized characterization, the S19 segmented
ball valve can be designed for optimal flow performance

SlurryTuff™ Segmented Ball Valve

Features and Benefits

Standard Service | Series 19

The perfect control valve solution for slurries containing suspended solids or fibers, viscous fluids, pulp, paper, chemical,
wastewater sludge, and other challenging service conditions.

Design Features

1 ONE-PIECE BODY: Provides a rigid, robust shell
capable of withstanding pipe loading, and eliminates
potential leak paths.

efficient torque transmission and precise control, with
low hysteresis and reduced deadband.

3 SELF-CENTERING BALL SEGMENT: Perfectly oriented,
specially designed shaft pin facilitates self-alignment
of the ball segment, while simplifying assembly and
disassembly during routine maintenance.

4 COATINGS: High-performance coatings on internal
components ensure long life and corrosion resistance.

5 ENERGIZED SEAT: Seat spring provides constant
force on the seat to seal against the segment at low
differential pressures. At higher differential pressures,
optimized sealing diameters ensure lower seat torques.

6 PROTECTED SEALING AREA: Seats are designed to
direct media flow away from the sealing area.

7 BLOWOUT PROOF STEM: Retaining ring fits between
machined stem groove and gland retainer step.

8 EASY MAINTENANCE: The seat is replaceable without
removing the segment and shaft.

segmented ball valve by SlurryTuff™

Server Service | Series 19L

Severe erosion demands more from your control valve. In addition to the benefits of the standard service valve, the S19L offers
advanced material selections and multiple trim options to provide an application-specific solution for your unique needs.


Design Features : Segmented Ball Valve

Reverse flow direction prevents body wall erosion due
to high velocities at low openings.

2 SEVERE SERVICE COATINGS: Customized ultra-hard
coatings provide application-specific corrosion and
erosion resistance for valve internals.

3 BEARING SEALS: Protects metal bearings from ingress
of media.

of sealing under full differential pressures with low
torques and smooth operation.

5 EASY MAINTENANCE: Flanged retainer provides easy
external access for seat and liner replacement. Seat is
replaceable without removing the segment and shaft.

6 TRIM OPTIONS: Multiple options available for
optimized performance in various levels of erosive

Control Valve Center Of Excellence

Extensive research & development is a key component in Bray’s formula for
providing optimized flow control solutions. Ongoing activities at our Control Valve
Center of Excellence include:
> Controls, automation, and actuation
> Advanced coatings research
> Electronics research & IIOT
> Metallurgy
> Hydraulics
> 3D Printing


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